Friday, May 16, 2008

Student Loan - Sephiroth - Etc

Personal: Ranting on, it looks like I might have to get a student loan to pay for all my crazy college stuff.

Sephiroth: I've noticed the one place I typically like to buy a Sephiroth Sword, from TrueSwords, no longer offers it. It does not even say 'out of stock' or anything anymore. They were likely sued by Square Enix for selling replica Sephiroth merchandise. Their swords were just the right length... they weren't actual length, but they were wieldable by human hands (not easily, however). Sephiroth's Masamune blade does not coincide well with simple, constant hack-and-slash tactics, but require swift, decisive swings.

Masamune was recognized as one of Japan's greatest swordsmiths, which is where his blade gets it's name. You might also recognize the name Murasame as one of the blades you can win on the Gold Saucer roller coaster. The Murasame is more of a cursed blade that cuts down lives without discretion, while the Masamune is more honorable.