Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sephiroth's Sword Sharp - With Sharp Wit

Sephiroth is simply amazing, I'm sure we can agree. But have you ever wondered what he might be like in person? A conversation with Sephiroth could range from any number of topics - how he plans to defeat cloud, how to take over the planet, what it's like being so powerful, and more. I expect Final Fantasy's Sephiroth to have a wit as sharp as his sword. As we already know from Advent Children, his voice is rich and powerful, and he can sound as evil as he would like. But Sephiroth is, thanks to the infusion of Mako and Jenova cells, all-powerful, and also blazing smart. His war tactics in Wutai, which did mainly consist of him simply being awesome, took down the island without too much trouble.

Sephiroth's rich history probably ensures he is elegantly breathtaking in conversation, as he is in battle. He was born and raised by Shinra scientists, obviously the brightest of the bright (albeit occasionally a little eccentrict), and he no-doubt inherited both the good and the bad as a result. Sephiroth was a terrific leader to his SOLDER troops, and excelled in nearly everything he did.